The First Rule of Ketovore…Don’t tell anyone about Ketovore…Kidding!!

Tell everyone! There are so many benefits to Ketovore that keeping it a secret would just be selfish and cruel! In fact, I started this blogsite to share my experience/my journey on this Ketovore way of eating. As I am writing this, it is October 24, 2020 and I am now at the one week point with this new way of eating. Well, it’s not a new way of eating, it is just new to me.

If you are wondering, yes, I do refer to it as a “Way of Eating” or “WOE” rather than a “diet” because the word “diet” is plagued with so many negative connotations, anxiety, and fears that it doesn’t need to be part of my WOE, or even my vocabulary when discussing Ketovore. I don’t view this WOE as a “diet” because I don’t plan on stopping, running scared, or losing interest anytime soon. I see Ketovore as a permanent lifestyle choice that offers nothing but benefits and positive lifelong results, without the feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and being deprived of foods that are healthy, nutrient rich, and delicious, that let’s face it, almost all other “diets” are restricting us from.

So, really, the (my) first rule of Ketovore,
Don’t Ever Call it a Diet! It’s a Lifelong Way of Eating

Let’s take the Standard American Diet (SAD) for example…Some scientist a guy by the name of Ancel Keys and a few others were enlisted to conduct a study from 1968-1977 to “prove” that fat consumption was the direct contributor of heart disease. (he wasn’t even a doctor and his “study” buddies were a bipartisan bunch of politicians hand-picked and chaired by Democrat Senator George Mcgovern…I can see already how this could be a problem)

This study became known as the “7 Countries Study” and funny enough included only one English speaking country, the United States. The rest of the countries (Finland, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, and Japan) had absolutely nothing to do with the Standard American Diet, so, why he bothered choosing them was a complete mystery. (Okay it wasn’t really a mystery it was simply because the English speaking countries predominately did not fall in line with his hypothesis that fat consumption caused heart disease, so, those countries were purposely excluded from the study.)

Also, this study only included men, and the men that were studied in the US were only from the mid and northwest areas of the US (never-mind the women and the rest of the country, I guess maybe they didn’t fall in line with his hypothesis either.) Now, as you may or may not know, the US Government in 1977 was heavily controlled by Democrats, (Democrat House, Democrat Senate, & Democrat President) so, of course, all those Democrats decided that they knew what was best for everyone based on a very biased study (leftist logic) and so the lies began.

Lies about portion sizes, lies about fat-saturated & unsaturated, lies about salt, lies about dairy, lies about meat, lies about grains, lies about legumes, lies about nuts, lies about fruit, lies about vegetables…

Let’s just be real, what didn’t they all lie to us about?

And these lies just grew bigger and bigger with each passing decade. And then the food pyramid in 1992, followed by My Plate in 2011, and the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association and the FDA and the WHO and GOOD LORD! They all bought into the lies. They all want us to believe that eating foods high in carbs, sugars, grains, gluten, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils are healthy and going to save us from heart disease. (If you believe these lies then please leave now, as this blog will be of no interest to you.)

In reality, all of these foods they promote as healthy with their lies, propaganda, and scare tactics are the exact reason that type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, hypothyroidism, metabolic disease, Crohn’s, IBS, leaky gut, fatty liver, fatty pancreas, fatty kidneys, auto immune diseases, and so many others I didn’t name exist and are a direct result of believing the lies the Standard American Diet has led us to believe since its inception in the 1920’s.

The question we should be asking is, why?…Why all the lies?

I’m sure they won’t talk about the kick backs they receive for promoting drugs that “promise” (with fingers crossed) to “cure” or “relieve” symptoms that didn’t have to happen in the first place, or maybe they want to kill everyone off before age 65, you know, so, they don’t have to provide social security. Or hey, what about just keeping everyone addicted to the carbs, sugar, vegetable oils and other havoc wreaking foods and beverages to ensure the production of processed foods never reverts back to simple whole foods, and the companies that supply them stay in business, doctors continue to spread the lies to receive kickbacks from the drug manufacturers, and the economy doesn’t go bankrupt when the truth comes out.

I’m sure those are just some of the reasons for the lies, but I would really like to know why they continue to support the lies after so many people continue to contract illnesses that seriously didn’t exist before we started processing food and including sugar, gluten, additives, and a shit load of other toxins that shouldn’t be in our food supply period!

It all sounds like a conspiracy theory but read that again and think about it, let it digest, it’s a reality of the food climate we live in, and unfortunately for us, unless this changes, these lies along with their deceptive food practices, misleading information, destructive food processing, and blatant disregard for human life, they will just continue to break us financially, hurt us internally, and kill us prematurely.

Thanks for reading…You can of course do your own research, but here are the articles I retrieved from various sites to find information for this post…

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